When Maria came to SloBody she was suffering from pain in her knees and feet, and sciatic pain down her leg. Just six short months later, that pain is virtually gone! And those aren’t the only benefits this success story has to report. Read on for Maria’s full story…

How did you keep fit before you joined SloBody?

I used to take semi-private Pilates classes twice a week, and walk.

What made you decide to start a program at SloBody?

I was having issues with my knees, and sciatic issues that were becoming more problematic even with Pilates. I was interested in trying something different, and my friend Mary recommended SloBody.

With friend Mary who recommended SloBody.

With friend Mary who recommended SloBody.

What are the greatest benefits or results have you noticed since starting your program?

  1. I have much less knee pain and foot pain, and my sciatic pain has gone away.
  2. My posture is definitely better. I just started a job where I’m on my feet more often, and that used to kill me. I have always been pigeon-toed and I was pronating and that was causing stress in certain areas of my feet. Since learning to place my feet properly at SloBody, that pain has really lessened.
  3. My core has trimmed up. I have definitely noticed that it is flatter, stronger, and much more toned, which is supporting my back, which is great!
  4. Also, I am a migraine sufferer, and I have noticed that I have many fewer headaches. I definitely connect that to SloBody.
Maria in action and always smiling!

Maria in action and always smiling!

What do you like most about SloBody?

What I like most about SloBody is that the instructors are very attentive, which is hugely lacking in every part of the fitness and health industry. I was getting injured before in a class setting, because I didn’t have someone to adjust me. That attentiveness to each person is key. And the camaraderie; everyone is just great and supportive.


Maria getting hands on tips from Kirk.


What would you say to someone considering joining SloBody?

Just go for it! If you are having a physical issue, SloBody will address it, no matter what it is, no matter if you are 15 years old or 85. Like I said, that personal attention and attentiveness is hugely lacking in this industry.


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