A quick announcement that we have added new content to Our Teaching Yoga Effectively section.

This section is designed (as the name implies) for those of you out there teaching and coaching movement.  Certainly our tools here are yoga postures, but the principles of alignment and how we cue and communicate with our clients are applicable to all fitness professionals.

We designed this section out of our desire to include content that helps instructors to teach, not just lead their classes.  To really teach requires more knowledge.  First, you have to be able to see something is “not right”; you have to develop your eye for sound body alignment and mechanics.  Then you need the knowledge base to understand what could be the culprit(s) for misalignment.  You’re not done yet because you have not communicated to the student how to shift their posture/movement pattern.  You can know all kinds of theory and technical practice, but if you cannot communicate it to the masses how effective will your teaching be?  A clear, concise verbal cue can quickly guide the student towards sound alignment.  Those of us who work with folks in a group setting know you have little time (seconds) to get this done or you are gonna fall into the category of one boring instructor.

So we are here to help!  A quick cue can move a whole class right where you want them in a couple seconds.  Your class will have a better flow, your students will be on the path to quicker results and you will be creating patterns that are safe and transferable to their other activities.

Right now you can test yourself with our free content.  See if you can answer the questions posed on each of the posture pages.  We are working on the premium content (coming soon) that will provide the answers, but in the meantime see if you can identify what’s awry and how would you cue it?

Questions?  Comments?  Let us know.