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This foam roller for side stretching exercise will help 1) decrease muscle tension along the sides of your torso and 2) increase spine mobility.   Relaxing and lengthening these muscle groups can help you move with more ease and diminish stiffness and pain.

Big Tip: Take your time with the exercise. 🙂

It can be uncomfortable on the side resting on the foam roller. The black foam roller in the video is the most firm. If you use a softer roller or roll a yoga mat around the roller that will provide a softer surface and lessen the intensity as you get started.

Once you place your body over the roller, and have your head resting in a comfortable position take a handful of breaths to relax on to the roller. Then take the top arm up toward the ceiling and over head. Keep reaching through top arm’s fingertips working to extend the elbow. At the same time reach through the top leg’s heel (the straight leg). This will encourage that whole side to lengthen and release. Work up to maintaining for 10 breaths.

How do you know if there is too much intensity?

If you can’t let your body relax into the roller then the pressure is too intense. Move the roller up or down an inch or two, and give it another whirl. If it’s still too much, try rolling a yoga mat around your roller for some additional padding. Over time you will be able to unroll the mat and  gradually move to a firmer surface.

 Foam Roller For Side Stretching

Janine Tiede

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