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Howdy folks!

Many of our clients tell us one of their main reasons for coming to class is to improve their balance. Last month we focused on how the rooting of the feet effects our alignment and in turn our balance.

This month we will focus on your core. If you commonly associate your core with your stomach muscles, that’s a start. Your core is from your mid-thighs to your chest. It includes your abdominals along with your hip flexors, adductors (inner thigh), glutes, and your deep back muscles from your tailbone to the neck.

The following is the 1st of 3 videos focused your core. This video shows a simple balance progression – 3 moves you can do pretty much anytime, anywhere.

Safety Tips:

  1. Keep your knees soft,
  2. engage your rear-end and
  3. draw your belly button toward your spine throughout.

You can do this sequence with the reps suggested on it’s own or add it to any practice/workout. Enjoy!


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